Is Shep Rose Jealous of Craig Conover?

Craig Conover breaks down Southern Charm episode two.

On Monday's episode of Southern Charm, Shep Rose grills Craig Conover about not graduating law school and accuses Craig of "not wanting to be a lawyer". Craig then tells Shep that he thinks Shep is just unhappy with himself and that's why he comes at him all of the time.

Southern Charm
Is Shep Jealous of Craig?
Craig says Shep is competitive with him.

Craig has lots of thoughts and feelings about episode two, so let's jump right in. Here are a few key quotes, but watch the videos for his full commentary...

  • "Whatever [Shep's] coming at me with, is not coming from a place of concern."
  • "Shep likes to be competitive with me, but we're just in two different worlds."
  • "[Shep] has to prove to everyone that he's better than me."
  • "Landon's just trying to find herself again."
Southern Charm
Craig Is Happy For Landon and Her New Site
People hate on ideas.

Southern Charm
Craig Tries to Describe Landon's Site
Craig supports Landon's new site.

Southern Charm
Craig Thinks Landon Is Trying to Find Herself
Craig thinks Landon's site has the potential to blossom in the future.

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