Landon Clements' "Breakfast of Champions" Pretty Much Sums Up Emmys Night

It's glitter and carbs for the Southern Charm alum.

Hash browns aren't the only breakfast treat Landon Clements likes to indulge in from time to time. As the Southern Charm pal demonstrated on September 18, she'll also bite into a pink, glittering doughnut when the opportunity presents itself. And, honestly, who wouldn't? Especially when said doughnut seemed to be some swag from a very exclusive event. 

Here's what we think happened: Before the sweets-centric post, Landon had posted snaps from inside HBO's September 17 Emmys party. Shortly afterwards, she posted the glitzy pink doughnut with the caption: "Breakfast of champions." (Side note: Is it just us, or does it seem like the glaze formed a peace-sign-shaped puddle underneath the treat?) Indeed, this could be a late-night snack Landon took away from the celebrity-packed bash to fuel her all-night party energy... or just a really glamorous way to consume sugar and carbs.

In either case, check out the sparkling snack: 

Photo: Landon Clements/Instagram 

And the winner for Best Artistic Direction for a Breakfast Instagram Post is... 

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