Here’s the Curious Place Southern Charm's Naomie Olindo Just Got Busted Grabbing Breakfast

The Southern Charm pal started her morning with hot sauce on the side — and she didn't fly under the radar.

As any Southern Charm-er will attest, there are plenty of delicious places to grab a meal in Charleston. But, if you're craving a bacon-filled grilled taco at 10 a.m. — or, perhaps a waffle taco with eggs and cheese? — there is only one place to go. 

On April 18, such a craving apparently struck Naomie Olindo. Sure, Naomie had to get to the office, but she decided to pay a little visit to Taco Bell along the way. If she was hoping to make her pit stop totally incognito, though ... that wasn't about to happen.  

Upon pulling up to the drive-through window, Naomie spotted her pal and coworker Ginny Cox.

"When neither one of you is in the office and you coincidentally run into each other at the Taco Bell drive through at 10 a.m.," she captioned a photo on Instagram Stories. 

                               Photo: Naomie Harris/ Instagram

Hmm... coincidence? Or shared excellent taste? That's a matter of personal taste.

But we do now know that Patricia Altschul would fully approve of a little in-car fast-food indulgence. 

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