Patricia Altschul Shares a Genius Hack for Boozing Your Way to Good Health: “This Is How We Exercise in the South”

Your biceps will thank you. 

Now, it may not be true that martinis are actually one of Patricia Altschul's main food groups. Still, the Southern Charm matriarch has been known to wink at her swigging persona, and she recently dropped a one-liner that belongs on a mug. (Or on a highball glass... your call.)

On October 28, Patricia took to Instagram to show a short clip of her butler, Michael, who was mid-workout at the time. And by workout, we mean the entertaining expert was vigorously jiggling two silver martini shakers. A couple of iced martini glasses were laid out before him, all ready for a top-off and a cocktail party for two. 

"This is how we exercise in the South," Patricia captioned the clip. Drier than a gin martini — we love it! 

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