Shep Rose Just Invented the Drink You Need to Try Before Summer Ends

That is, if you can find Shep's unique special ingredient.

Where does one find boiled peanut juice? We'll let you think on that. But in the meantime, we know of at least one place that has the nutty water on standby. What can we say? We're always here to help! 

Shep Rose recently posted to Instagram Stories about the rather unique way he chases his beers. And nope, it's not with pickle juice. Posting live from his spot Palace Hotel, where he was bellied up to the bar, the Southern Charm  pal wrote in a caption: "You've heard of a pickle back. This is the juice from Cajun boiled peanuts. A Nut Back! Tasty." 

Photo: Shep Rose/Instagram

Don't knock it till you've knocked it back! And come to think of it, Shep's not the only Charm-er who's feeling a little nutty these days. Over on her Instagram feed, Cameran Eubanks recently talked up a roadside stand called Timbo's Hot Boiled Peanuts

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