Shep Rose Made an Off-Color Joke About His Hot Dog — and Nailed It

The Southern Charm-er couldn't help but notice...

Shep Rose got jokes! The Southern Charm pal is currently in Chicago, where he's sharing scenes from his travels with his Instagram followers. As many visitors do when in the Windy City, Shep made a point to catch a game at Wrigley — and naturally, he also did what one does at the ballpark: eat.

Shep started out by "pre-gaming" at Wrigley. (No word whether he tossed down any beers with his unique take on a chaser.)

Next, he was ready for a snack — but he found himself "perturbed" by the spelling on the snack menu.

Hey, English is an idiosyncratic language! But that shouldn't come between anyone and their ballpark snack. Which brings us to...

Availing himself of a hot dog — a ballpark classic! — Shep made another astute observation and, well? Let's just let him tell it:


And hey, wouldn't you know? Anthony Weiner is eating his fare share of hot dogs these days, too.

Photos: Shep Rose/Instagram

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