Meet the Happy Customers of Patricia Altshul’s Custom Dog Caftans

Nothing but respect for the Southern Charm grand dame-slash-dog caftan designer!

In life, there are some pop culture moments so monumental that they feel as though they just occurred. Prince William marrying Kate Middleton in an ornate ceremony. Britney Spears shaving her head and attacking a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella. Beyoncé revealing her twin pregnancy with the most iconic Instagram of all time.

And, of course, the matriarch of Southern Charm, Patricia Altshul, releasing her line of caftans that are customizable with your pet’s face.

Believe it or not, the line launched almost a year ago exactly. Yep, although it feels like just yesterday, it was actually late March 2017. (You may recall she donated a percentage of proceeds to the Houston Humane Society in the wake of hurricane Harvey’s destruction.) In the time since, Patricia’s Couture custom pet caftans and pajamas have found major success as gifts to self, gifts to others, and celebrations of our fave four-legged friends.

We reached out to a few Instagram users who were proudly sporting their Patricia’s Couture wear and asked them about their experience with the animal-patterned PJs.

Ashley (@sparocker)

Did you buy this caftan for yourself or was it a gift?

My caftan was a gift from Lulu, my Chihuahua, for Mother’s Day! So I suppose technically I purchased it, but that’s just a minor detail! LOL

Are you a fan of Southern Charm? Who’s your favorite cast member?

I do watch Southern Charm and LOVE it. My favorite character hands down is Patricia. She should be given her own spinoff show with her and Michael and her dogs! Her quippy one-liners on the show are perfection! I think her relationship with Whitney is just hysterical and her dinner parties are the best. We need to see more of them!

What is your favorite thing about the caftan?

My favorite thing about the caftan hands down is my Lulu on it. I appreciate that she has plus sizing. The beading is great touch too. It just adds enough bling without being too much. I have worn it a few times now. We did our holiday photos in it, which were pawfection. I have worn it during an intimate soiree at my home. I must say though it was recently just debuted in public at the Pittsburgh’s Humane Animal rescue gala! It was the hit of the night!!! I will need another one for sure because we were photographed so much that it can not be repeated in public! LOL

Ever received any particularly memorable compliments?

Every time I have worn it I have received so many compliments it is hard to pinpoint just one. It is always loved by everyone! I just want to add that all of the other items she has available are fantastic as well. I have ordered them all. I have made it one of my go-to gifts for people!

Kristin (@kristinnb_)

Did you buy these pajamas for yourself or were they a gift?

It was a Christmas gift from my mom! I believe Patricia was donating a portion of all purchases to Harvey victims when she ordered, which was awesome!

Are you a fan of Southern Charm? Who’s your favorite cast member?

I do not personally watch the show, but my mom is a HUGE fan! Patricia is actually her favorite, she tweets her all the time. ;)

What is your favorite thing about the pajamas?

My favorite thing would have to be that it is my best friends face on them! Although dogs don't live forever, these PJs will always be able to remind me of him. The memory of him will live on forever through the most adorable pajama set! I wear them so much... to bed, pajama parties & even work! I wore my top to work once because so many people wanted to see it. I do wear them at least once a week to bed and to snuggle my pupper in.

Ever received any particularly memorable compliments?

A lot of people have just been really shocked that it was actually my dogs face on them and not just some stock picture of a dog. I've gotten a lot of "Those are awesome, where did you get them?!" type compliments.

Gabrielle (@gabzcarver)

Yes, I am obsessed with my dog 😂 #patriciacouture #finnleythebulldog

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Did you buy these pajamas for yourself or were they a gift?

The PJs were gifted to me by my mother for my 25th birthday! My mother is a big Bravo fan, who introduced me to Southern Charm and was completely obsessed with Patricia's Altshul's caftans. The second she saw Patricia give a pair of PJs to Andy Cohen on WWHL, she stalked their page until they become available for purchase.

Are you a fan of Southern Charm? Who’s your favorite cast member?

I myself do not actually watch the show, (I am more of a Real Housewives kinda girl) but love Patricia's products and look forward to other products she comes out with!

What is your favorite thing about the pajamas?

My favorite thing about the PJs are how sharp and crisp the image is of my dog! If anyone knows anything about me, I am utterly obsessed with my bulldog, Finnley, so it was extremely important that his face and personality really stood out on the product. I wear them at least once a week! The fit is great, and they are extremely comfortable — perfect to snuggle up with Finnley and watch Bravo!

Ever received any particularly memorable compliments?

I have received nothing but compliments on my pajamas! While I was convinced I would receive some laughs from some of my friends (mostly because I'm just a crazy dog mom), everyone saw them claiming they needed a pair of their own!

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