Kim Talks Shonova

December 20, 2012 • 8:04 PM ET
New York and SF: The Valley or the Alley? What an insane season. Datecheating. Quitting my job. Dwight gets acquired by Facebook. I'm definitely letting him buy dinner now and apparently move all large furniture moving forward. You meet my...
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Ending the Friendship with Sarah

December 18, 2012 • 5:52 PM ET
Building a product is hard enough, but launching it and putting a big event together to generate marketing buzz for it at the same time was almost enough to put me over the edge! But I've been working my butt off to get GoalSponsors out the door...
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David's GoalSponsors Progress

December 10, 2012 • 6:01 PM ET
Right now I'm in the throes of building a start-up from nothing into something. Appcelerator continues to be very helpful in supporting me, and I continue to be grateful for all their help. I must say, though, that watching myself as I'm getting...
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David's Start-Up Advice

December 4, 2012 • 12:03 PM ET
I feel like I should be writing about the ridiculous gag gift strap-on that I bought for Hermione's birthday party and, to my surprise, witnessed her put on and parade around for all to see. But I think that whole situation speaks for itself -- it...
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Kim Quits!

November 27, 2012 • 2:44 PM ET
New beginnings and sudden endings! Episode 4 we cover me FINALLY quitting my job to do my first start-up Shonova. Many of you saw this coming. We also cover the less glamorous side of start-up life, which happens to include emotional breakdowns ...
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Hermione's Start-Up Meltdown

November 26, 2012 • 7:33 PM ET
Start-Up Meltdown on National TV Tonight I have a meltdown on national TV. It's not my proudest TV moment, but it’s definitely my most honest. As a blogger you write about the good stuff; the start-ups that get funding or have big exits, you don't...
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Is Sarah the White Oprah?

November 26, 2012 • 7:28 PM ET
Who said it!? Me? If Oprah was in technology and she was white, then she'd probably be me. If Oprah were to choose to be reincarnated as a white, privileged, half-Jewish girl from Marin country, California, then she'd probably say that I'm her...
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