Ben Way

Ben dishes on the awkward dynamic caused by his desire to date Sarah.

on Nov 19, 2012

This just shows how small Silicon Valley really is. It is really a very small world, and it can get annoyingly small, especially as there are certain "cleeks" which are even smaller. Before moving to Silicon Valley, I always kept by business life and personal life very separate, but in Silicon Life the two are very much combined; everybody seems to know your private business and it’s impossible to escape from!

Regardless of this craziness I am enjoying working with my sister. She is really pulling together the partners we need, and we are very excited to have the industrial design company Lunar on our team. They are an incredible company and amazing to work with. Watching them start to take a concept I came up with and turn it into reality is really exciting, I just hope my idea works!

The process of creating hardware is a lot more challenging than building software, which is why we decided on Lunar. They have the expertise to understand the challenges of hardware. The first step is to actually validate the idea, i.e. is my idea crazy or do the basic principles work. Now being an engineer myself I am reasonably confident that the basic idea I came up with is sound; however there is nothing like having a second opinion!