David's 'Twilight'-esque Complexion

David opens up about his plastic surgery and explains why he went tanning with Sarah.

Welcome to the valley! I promise it is every bit as exciting as you would imagine!

Well, we went straight through the meat and bit right into the bone with this premiere! You saw me as a fat kid, then fast forward and I'm 40 pounds lighter, spray-tanning my mostly-naked body on national TV. I then shared all about my cosmetic procedures in a level of detail I haven't shared publicly before. And wow, telling people, it's like a bomb went off! I'll admit, it's not something most programmers in the valley do, but the truth is, I really think it's NFBD (no f-cking bid deal). It's not something a person should be ashamed of. Moreover, one of my favorite books, The Happiness Hypothesis, reveals that scientific studies show that people who have had plastic surgery tend to be happier than those who don't -- that's real data, y'all! Also, my start-up is making a consumer-facing app that's focused on personal goals like weight loss and quitting smoking, so it certainly doesn't hurt to invest in my own appearance. Even with all that said, the truth is that plastic surgery in Silicon Valley is not as dramatic as ::cough:: other places ::cough:: and most people didn't even know I had anything done. Some still don't believe me when I tell them, LOL. So deal with it, y'all! I'm wearing my face as proudly as Joan Rivers till my death bed.

Well, beyond sharing a LOT about my body, I also shared that I'm broke. And that's no joke. (Who wants want me rap that? LOL!) Honestly I’d be willing to wager that I have less cash on hand than every one of my friends by a few orders of magnitude. Sarah said her tweets are worth $10k a pop -- I'd say my tweets are worth about 5 lumps of coal, maybe 6 if I'm lucky! The truth is, as long as I have enough money to stay in my house with my partner, Dave, that's all I will need. I do have to mention that my mom just sent an email that ended in, "PS, Do you need any money? - Mom". LOL, well I haven't taken money from her before as an adult, so I'm not about to start now! Nevertheless, I hope I didn't give her a heart attack!

Beyond all my personal…issues, I was glad to share with the world the very unique relationship I have with Sarah, who is, to say the least, a one-of-a-kind woman! The truth is, I do spend a lot of time programming most days (8-12 hours), and even though I get out and exercise, I happen to be <sarcasm>gifted</sarcasm> with a complexion that rivals what you might see in a Twilight movie, so as much as I don't identify as someone who tans on a regular basis, Sarah always manages to convince me to do something a little out-of-the-ordinary to get me out of my programming daze.If you stayed watching until the very last minute, you got a glimpse of what's to come later this season, and yes, there is a LOT of drama. A lot. Drinks flying, people calling each other nasty names, and yes, accusations of physical assault (OMG). I honestly enjoy drama a lot more when I'm NOT in it, so I've tried to stay on the sidelines and help where I can to keep people from clawing each other’s' eyeballs out. Did I succeed in that attempt? You'll have to watch to find out!

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Ending the Friendship with Sarah

David reacts to Sarah's accusations.

Building a product is hard enough, but launching it and putting a big event together to generate marketing buzz for it at the same time was almost enough to put me over the edge! But I've been working my butt off to get GoalSponsors out the door and launched, and after several months of effort, I was able to have a successful launch event and gain enough buzz to get a great set of beta users to test out the product! It's live in the app store if you'd like to give it a try:


I'm proud of myself, for sure, but I definitely didn't do it alone. There were several other companies that have helped me quite a bit, including NoXcuses Fitness and especially Appcelerator, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me make my app and my launch a success. A good number of people showed up to the launch event -- not an AMAZING number, but a strong 100-150ish, and after all the beta signups, I've been able to test my product out on real people, get feedback, and launch something that's now helping people achieve their biggest goals in life! In fact, the total weight loss of our users is in the hundreds of pounds, and we've only been live for the past month or so! On the business side of things, life is going well.On the personal side of things, not everything is so great. It's really hard to see someone that you've been close to turn around and do something to hurt you. When Sarah asked me to meet with her that day, she sent a text asking if I had time to get together and when I asked what it was about, she alluded to it being about business, and then quickly changed the subject. Nevertheless, I showed up in generally good spirits, so I was caught completely off guard when she accused of "physically assaulting," even "tackling" her -- thank goodness the world was able to see the moment she was referring to, in which she tries to interrupt Hermione's presentation at my event and I come to her calmly and escort her away from the stage, smiling and being generally friendly, as I didn't want to create drama at my own event.

So that hurt me quite a bit. Also, she was upset that I didn't provide a booth for her, but she literally never asked me, and the truth is (and I told her this) that if she wanted a booth, all she had to do was tell me and I would have given it to her. Ben and Hermione asked, and that was why I gave them one. Sarah never did.

There's a lot more to that conversation at the Four Seasons, from accusing me of trying to keep her and Hermione apart to trying to take credit for someone else's work in helping put together my event, the list of things she threw at me that day was quite large, and to this day I don't understand why she did it, knowing that I was her confidant, that I was there when everyone else was against her... why me, of all people? Was it just to create drama? Just to establish herself as the queen bee or, dare I say it, the villain?Needless to say, that was the last conversation I had with Sarah. I'm all for second chances when people make mistakes that were unintentional, but the kind of cold calculation Sarah did that day made me realize that it is better for me to let the friendship end and not do anything further to try and continue it. For once I was a part of the drama, not just the instigator of it -- and boy was that a reminder that it's better to be on the sidelines when the poo hits the fan!

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