Kim Taylor

Kim shares her thoughts on Dwight (and what to do on a date).

on Nov 20, 2012

This was my favorite episode yet! There is drama both personally and professionally. We deal with underwater mortgages, sexism, biological clocks, and some gay line dancing for good measure! We also introduce America to a new phenomenon known as "date cheating."

I start my morning at my apartment and I’m contemplating my conversation with my CEO. I’ve devoted two years of my life to someone else’s company and made them a lot of money, why would I not devote two years of my life to my own company?
Lunch with Ethan
So I sit down for lunch with my friend Ethan. He was the founder of a company called Redbeacon that recently sold to Home Depot this year and someone whose opinion I value.

Advantages? I tell him I’m not married, no children, no mortgage, and no debt. Which in my world is an advantage. I’m definitely at a point in my life where I am able to take a risk, with far less at stake than those who have additional responsibilities. Ethan jokes that I didn’t let life get in the way of my career. I don’t think it’s a choice, and you have to have one or the other. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook (and Mark Zuckerberg’s number two) probably addresses this issue best championing that women in the workplace shouldn’t "leave before they leave" in her famous Ted talk.

The world is changing, as are gender roles. Women are increasingly going to be the breadwinners in their families. Men are contributing more at home. A lot of start-ups are beginning to address this. Why can a man get their shoes shined at work but women can’t get manicures? A new startup in New York, Manicube, is a great example of how the workplace is evolving to accommodate working women. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More great things are always happening in the tech world.
Certain people may have full on meltdowns over their biological clocks. I decided that I would never force life decisions based on my age or a forced sense of urgency by what others were doing around me. So I’m happily 30 and single.