Kim Taylor

Kim shares her thoughts on Dwight (and what to do on a date).

on Nov 20, 2012

Being as close as we are, I feel it is my duty to give him sh-t on what he should have done differently if we were on a date (should I be so lucky):

- Order the wine. He passed the menu to me to order. Take charge!
- Ask your date if she's ready to order.
- Let her order first.
- Don't order your entree at the same time as your drinks. This will also help to pace the kitchen so they don't bring out your entree at the same time as your appetizer.

Yes, I offered to pay. I picked the restaurant and it was probably out of his price range at the time and was planning to anyway. Yes, he called me bootylicious. High praise that I thought was only meant for Beyonce. He may also have a little crush on me.
At this moment in time I was making a decision about what direction I wanted my life and career to go in. Did I want stability, a steady paycheck, a new car or a world of unknown with no income and high risk?
Dwight and I have what some might call a “When Harry Met Sally” relationship. Dwight grew up without a television and when someone recently asked how he felt about our “When Harry Met Sally” relationship, he responded he has never met Harry or Sally and dreams in SQL (a programming language). What's not to love?
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