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on Dec 20, 2012

New York and SF: The Valley or the Alley?

What an insane season. Datecheating. Quitting my job. Dwight gets acquired by Facebook. I'm definitely letting him buy dinner now and apparently move all large furniture moving forward.

You meet my beautiful friend Kathryn (founder of an awesome job site for women called The Muse) who gives me advice on whether or not to relocate my company to New York. She currently just moved her company's HQ back to NYC. The New York - San Francisco tech rivalry is basically Tupac vs. Biggie 2.0 but no one dies.

Shonova – WTF is it?

“I need to figure out what the f*ck I am doing.” – one of my more articulate quotes from the season finale

Excellent news. I did! We’re building a fashion site called Shonova