Sarah Austin

Sarah dishes on why she was so angry at Jay and provides the 411 on date-cheating.

on Nov 26, 2012

Episode 3 starts off with a major surprise: I learn the Way sibling motives -- one wants to sleep with me and the other wants to make-up because otherwise “it’s really bad for business.” Either way it’s monkey business.

I truly don’t know what I did to deserve the apparent level of scrutiny and hatred from the San Francisco Villa gang. I’m all the way in Palo Alto working and they’re 30 miles north partying. I only talk about the Way duo with my two girlfriends who live in the Peninsula and they just feign interest. No one in Silicon Valley cares. And since when did shots of the Golden Gate Bridge represent the heart of Silicon Valley? I would’ve loved to see them film more shots in Palo Alto on University.

Do you ever get the feeling people are talking about you in a room full of people? Well as it turns out, sometimes it’s true. Hermione thinks I’m spreading rumors about her, but everyone’s at her house talking about me. And then there’s the old saying, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you, and as much as I tried to convince myself it wasn’t true – there it is in living color.

Why can’t I lend a friend money when I make so much money? Asked random tweets from the twitterverse. Everyone thinks I’m so rich. I’m not a rich woman! Seriously, I had given out money at the exact time he asked me and am still owed back by my cousin. When I said the comment about the 10k a tweet, I didn’t mean I sit around writing tweets all day and laughing to the bank. I was talking about a deal I did with a large tech titan who owns a part of Facebook right around the time Vanity Fair called me America’s Tweetheart. I misspoke, it included a handful of tweets and a video. Also, David shouldn’t have asked me for money. We definitely aren’t close enough for that to be appropriate.