Sarah Austin

Sarah dishes on why she was so angry at Jay and provides the 411 on date-cheating.

on Nov 26, 2012

You don’t usually get to hear Hermione’s talk-track directly but others reference it, like when Marcus shops with David for cowboy boots and says he only hears bad things about me because he lives with Hermione. Furthermore, I could tell there was something up with Jay. He had been into me a couple weeks before when he had kissed me in my hotel room. But then when I saw him for the first time after that initial connection, I could tell things weren’t right. Turns out I was able to teach him a thing or two about how to dress for a date. He left his beanie behind; you’re welcome, Hermione.

Line dancing was so fun! David and Marcus were taking the dance seriously and I was just having fun with it. I was thinking the night was probably going to be full of surprises. Turns out, it was! While many viewers will be upset at me for throwing a half-glass of water on Jay, my feelings were hurt and I was impulsive.

I could be less impulsive, but when a man is “date-cheating” on you it hurts. Many people on Twitter are asking me, what is date-cheating? A date-cheat is when a man makes his intention very clear and then goes behind your back with another woman. What did he think, that I wasn’t going to find out? He deserved it. To find out more about Date-cheating look at Urban Dictionary.

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Xox Sarah