Sarah Austin

Sarah shares what she's learned about dating in Silicon Valley.

on Nov 19, 2012

8. Have a response ready when he asks you “what goes into getting ready?” or about beauty products. It’s a woman’s secret and men have no idea what goes into getting ready. Try to brush off the questions as he may be asking you just to secretly make himself feel good that you spent time thinking about him as you sloooooowly applied your makeup.


9. There’s certain etiquette and unspoken Geek Dating Rules, but sometimes you lose sight of the dos and don’ts amidst distractions like lifecasting. I learned to follow my rules even when I’m on an awkward date.

10. Don’t expect to be treated like a lady. On my date I learned that men may raise their voice at you, curse, and worse, call you a dude! I guess I should get used to this if I’m to continue dating dorks like him.

11. Don’t lifecast on a date without permission. I decided to lifecast to Socialcam on my iPhone because someone had to do something to make that date more interesting. I intentionally broke my Pop17 Geeks Guide to Dating Etiquette rule number 6, but so did he when he cracked open his computer to check my quote unquote “Twatting?”

My “Tweet” pretty much wraps it up here:

12. If he doesn’t call you 1-2 days after the date, it’s safe to say something went wrong.
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