Sarah Austin

Sarah shares her side of the disagreement with Hermione.

on Nov 19, 2012

3. "SXSW was such a sh-- show." The South by Southwest topic rears its ugly head again and again throughout the episodes.  It’s the crux of the Hermione v. Sarah breakdown, and truly I don’t get it.  Here’s the deal: Ben introduced me to a sponsor (a sponsor is someone who supports either short term or long term), purchased both our tickets using his credit card and, as promised, I paid him back. She did not “step up” and sponsor me -– perhaps she takes credit for the sponsor Ben facilitated. So there was tension before we arrived at SXSW and things got weird there as well, but whatever sh-- happens. For weeks after SXSW, I reached out to Hermione because I missed our friendship and wanted to work it out. She was unresponsive so I eventually gave up. The toga party at her house was our first encounter in several months, so naturally I was nervous. I hoped for decorum, but pretty much was greeted with sarcasm, disapproving once-overs, and back-handed compliments, always punctuated by the sycophantic giggling of some backup dancer. I did my best to ignore it, but it made the whole party AWKWARD. On my way out the door, Hermione cornered me and demanded we speak privately, and I’m thinking, “Uh, privately at a party?” I wasn’t feelin’ it. I really didn’t believe anything could be solved right then and I really didn’t feel her outreach was coming from an authentic place. She interpreted my hesitation as a lack of regard for the friendship. Whatever it was, I’m embarrassed. It was never my intention to represent business women in a catty and competitive light. I have phenomenal female friends and mentors who’ve helped me along the way- – I wish we could have gotten footage of that instead.

So what’s the take-away: it’s tough to look cool and awesome on TV! We were in a TV bubble trying to act normal and unaffected while also being entertaining. I’m pretty sure Hermione would never power nap under a VC’s desk in real life –- but we all got a little caught up in certain moments or went too far with the bravado. Heck it is Bravo! Live and learn.

Till Next Week,
xo Sarah