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Summer House


S2/EP5 | Aired:
February 19, 2018
Lauren's twin sister is back in the Hamptons and she is not happy with how cozy Carl and Lauren are. Lindsay goes on her first date since Everett. Kyle takes a big step with Amanda. Stephen finally puts his issues with Carl out on the table. (43:24)
Summer House

Don't Poke The Bear

S2/EP4 | Aired:
February 12, 2018
Amanda begins to show her frustration with Kyle's behavior and decides to let him have a weekend to himself. Lindsay gets in touch with her ex, Everett. Lauren and Carl appear to have moved past the fiasco from the 4th. (43:24)
Summer House

Bonfire Insanity

S2/EP3 | Aired:
February 5, 2018
Tensions are running high in the house, and Lindsay finds herself in the middle. The crew sets off for a sunset sail and beach bonfire, where these tensions boil over. Later, Kyle and Amanda’s relationship faces setbacks. (43:24)
Summer House

Stars and Gripes

S2/EP2 | Aired:
January 29, 2018
The crew prepares for their big July 4th bash. Kyle and Amanda talk about the next steps for their relationship while Carl and Lauren struggle with unresolved feelings. But when Danielle drops a bomb during a girls' day, everything comes to a head. (43:24)
Summer House

Passing the Torch

S2/EP1 | Aired:
January 22, 2018
The work hard/party harder gang is back for another summer. Lindsay passes the "house couple" torch to Kyle and Amanda. Things get off to a rocky at the house kickoff dinner. Stephen struggles with a decision to invite Carl for support at Gay Pride. (43:24)

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