Why You'll Fall in Love with Sweet Home Oklahoma in the First 10 Minutes

Pumps, Jennifer, and Lee are the best friend trio that dreams are made of.

Best friend trios are rare, but when a group of three best friends comes together with ease, the result is nothing short of amazing. Think: Destiny's Child; Harry, Ron and Hermoine; The Three Stooges...the list goes on. Joining the best trifectas of all time is Sweet Home Oklahoma's Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, Jennifer Welch and Lee Murphy. These best friends have been through a lot in their own lives, but keep it fun and fresh with their eccentric sense of humor and love for life. 

What makes this Oklahoman trio different? You'll get to see a smoking glove, health trackers, locals, and a story about pooping the bed all within the first 10 minutes. The ladies work out and try to get "the old Pumps back" by walking and (unsuccessfully) avoiding the candy shop. Want to get the full Sweet Home Oklahoma experience? Check out the first 10 minutes of the show above.

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