Coffey Talk

Episode 9:'s Associate Editor counts down the top three "Really?!" moments.

Mar 13, 2012

Barkingham Palace was grooming itself for disaster. (Although I have to admit, love the name.) The biggest problem facing this doggie daycare/grooming establishment was undoubtedly Tania's erratic management style. And also maybe the fact that the dogs were running amok. It all added up to plenty of Rover-related "Really?!" moments.

Really?! Moment No. 3 - Not a People Person

I'm not sure what Tania's deal is. The staff seem lovably meek and very concerned about their jobs, so you'd think with a little guidance and a firm hand they'd get right back on track. But for some reason they seemed to live in fear of Tania. It became abundantly clear why when Nik tried to confront her during the staff meeting. Nik pointed out that Tania can be passive aggressive towards people, and Tania's response was, "You particularly, not people, honey." Yikes! That's not passive aggressive, that's just plain aggressive, and Tabatha was not having it.