Coffey Talk

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor counts down the top three "Really?!" moments.

Feb 29, 2012

Really?! Moment No. 2 - Tabatha Time Warp

Of course, as we've come to see over four seasons, Tabatha is not easily shaken. It takes something pretty outrageous to crack that steely exterior or put her in a situation where she doesn't have a biting remark. But Brian managed to break her in a way that I have not yet seen before. He kept glossing over what she was telling him, listening without hearing to the point where Tabatha finally just took her head in her hands and said in a dreamy voice, "Far out." What? Did Tabatha fall down a worm hole into the '60s? I can't say I blame her, the insanity at H Design would probably would have left me addled as well.

Really?! Moment No. 1 - The Return

Well a relapse salon had to happen eventually, and this was it. A quarter of the salon walked out since Tabatha left. I mean, you have to recognize that you're doing something wrong after that, right? Wrong. When Tabatha confronted him about it, he was full of excuses. Again. I think the best part of the episode was Tabatha telling him off at the end and walking out before he could say anything. Bam! Spreadsheets can't save you from the wrath of Tabatha Coffey, Brian. Nor can they save your business.