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Creepy Crawler Cooler

Tabatha's Takeover Time Warp

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A Serious Lack of "Synergy"

Jen and Tiffany's Unequal Partnership

Betrayal at the Barbershop

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All Grown Up

Creepy Crawler Cooler

Episode 11:'s Associate Editor counts down the top three "Really?!" moments.

Deco Salon owner Kim was a bit unnerving. She really couldn't deal with anything whatsoever. Her house was in foreclosure, she was never in her salon, her staff had completely given up, yet her response to everything was simply, "I know, I know." It sure didn't seem that way! Tabatha was in shock at Kim's complete lack of worry and inability to face her problems for the majority of the episode.

Really?! Moment No. 3 - Tabatha's Little Kangaroo

Kim's stylist Brook was a little...eccentric. Similar to Dina Manzo's relationship with Danielle Staub, we weren't sure if Brook wanted to be Tabatha, or skin her and wear her like last season's Versace. She wanted to ride in Tabatha's kangaroo pouch, which we're hoping just means she wanted to shadow her. Maybe? Who can say. But given that Tabatha didn't mysteriously go missing after the filming of this episode, we're guessing Brook just really, really admired her.

Really?! Moment No. 2 - Sold Out

Tabatha actually walked out on Kim while trying to get through to her. It very well may have been the end of the takeover if Kim hadn't gone after Tabatha to try and convince her to stay. But she was hardly very convincing given she didn't want to budge on being in the salon more. At that point Tabatha gave it to her straight and just told her to sell the salon. There's nothing more vindicating than watching Tabatha put aside her clever quips and serve up some harsh truth to stubborn owners.

Really?! Moment No. 1 - The Creepy Crawler Cooler

Perhaps one of the grossest things we've seen all season (so far) was Salon Deco's water cooler. What could be so gross about a water cooler you ask? The fact that there were roaches living in it. And that people were still drinking from it. Ewww! At that point I think your tap water is a far safer option. Even more disturbing -- how did the salon get so dirty that roaches decided to take up residency in the water cooler?

Next week Tabatha takes over a bed and breakfast. Find out what Tabatha wears to bed in this sneak peek!