Tabatha Coffey

Once the Tim mad his vision for Sweetgrass clear, his staff stepped up.

on Mar 20, 2012


Tim had a really interesting vision for his business, a Holistic Wellness centre that offered clients not just hair and spa services but nutrition advice and chiropractic services to encompass inner and outer wellness. I thought  he idea was unique and well-suited to the area of Atlanta that Sweetgrass was located in.

The problem was the staff weren't aware of Tim's vision. Tim's idea of leadership was to form a community where everyone was responsible for themselves, people fired themselves, and basically they had no rules! And as we all know that doesn't work.

Nobody treated Tim like a boss. He didn't act like a boss, and he sure as hell didn't dress like a boss. His communication skills were abysmal.

Brian the manager was more involved with his social media, online shopping, and working on his side business than booking appointments properly, taking care of staff and clients, and being negative!