Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha couldn't believe how inhospitable the accommodations were at Cinema Suites.

on Apr 4, 2012

I was horrified on so many levels about what was going on at Cinema Suites. It was run-down, keys were left outside under mats, guests weren't taken care of, and there were no amenities.  Dianne and her staff had taken the breakfast out of bed and breakfast.

When I started talking to Dianne, it was it clear she was stuck in the past. She was still trying to live her former Hollywood journalist life of parties, socializing, and being waited on. Dianne did not have the experience, desire, or skill to run a B&B, and she didn't act very hospitable. I could also tell that she didn't take critique very well. Hmmm.

Staying at Cinema Suites really did feel awkward and uncomfortable, aside from it being run-down and dirty, it felt like you were intruding. All the guests I spoke to felt the same way. Rummaging through cupboards to find a cup or a glass, reading the outrageous guest rules, and tiptoeing around Dianne and her staff certainly didn't give you a home away from home experience.