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Living in the Past

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All Grown Up

Living in the Past

Tabatha knew that John and Larry's biggest issue was their outdated policies.

I like history, but I don't like living in the past, and that is exactly what John and Larry were doing. Club Ripples was an institution in Long Beach which started at a different time in our society. John and Larry didn't change with the times and seemed resentful of so many things, including the changes in the gay community and the changes in Long Beach.

I could see the stress John was under. It was abundantly clear, and although Larry knew things were bad, I had a feeling John protected him from the truth because of his health issues. The excuses were endless but here were the facts:

1. Unless I am going to a special event night, I don't want to pay a cover at a bar. 

2. Sometimes all I want is a glass of tap water.  

3. I go out to have and fun and socialize, not to be in a club by myself. 

4. Oh, and my bag doesn't go on the floor!

Talking to the staff there were a few things that were as clear as John and Larry's fancy water. First off, the owners hadn't changed with the times. The staff was very committed to the club and had some great ideas. John and Larry had forgotten to communicate with and show appreciation to their staff and the patrons. Without them both, the club would close.But I truly wanted to save this place, because I appreciate the legacy and I like the owners.