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Seeing the Future

Tabatha's Takeover Time Warp

Meoww's Unexpected Departure

A Serious Lack of "Synergy"

Jen and Tiffany's Unequal Partnership

Betrayal at the Barbershop

Bringing the "Old Chris" Back to Top Cuts

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Throwing Out the Hygiene with the Bathwater

All Grown Up

Seeing the Future

Tabatha talks about her troubles getting through to Kim.

It was a long week for me at Salon Deco. Kim frustrated the hell out of me. I walked out and seriously didn't want to go back, but I had an issue -- I really liked the staff, and I also liked and felt for Kim's husband, Eric.

I found Kim's laid back attitude and excuses infuriating and frustrating in light of the fact that her business was falling apart, her house was in foreclosure, her husband was stressed to the max, and her staff felt abandoned. I truly did feel more invested in saving Kim's business than Kim herself.

What was clear is that she had a great team that wanted to support her, but they felt that Kim didn't care about the business. It was an every-man-for-themselves environment, and if the boss didn't care and couldn't be bothered to come to work or be part of the team, why should they all work so hard? Kim needed to show her staff she could be a leader, and she needed to see the future!

I needed help, since I felt like I wasn't getting through to Kim at all. That's when I decided it was time to talk to Kim's husband, Eric. The business was affecting the whole family, and I wanted his support to hold Kim accountable so she could see the seriousness of the situation. It was understandably very emotional for them to see their house with those signs up, but it finally helped Kim realize it was time to stop being so laid back.

Next it was time for Kim to make a commitment to her business and her staff and show them that she could be a leader. It was hard for Kim, and she slipped back into making excuses, but in the end she really came through.

I really didn't think Kim would be able to keep up the changes, which is why I gave her the final recommendations I did. Honestly I was gobsmacked when I returned and she had followed through with them all. I am also happy to say that today she is still following through, leading her team, and Salon Deco is doing great.

Meoww's Unexpected Departure

Tabatha was shocked to find the Meoww had sold the nail salon.

Meoww? I mean really, who picks that as a name? Maybe that was my first clue to a very long and arduous week.

I love getting my nails done, but that doesn’t mean I want to open a nail salon! Yet this was Meoww’s reasoning for opening the business. I am all for people following their passion, however it wasn’t a passion for her. She thought it would be a cash cow and that is not the reason to open a business.

I was gobsmacked at Meoww’s attitude toward her staff, clientele, and business especially when she was from an HR background. She was absolutely clueless.

I have seen a lot of interesting behavior, but I have never seen an owner crouched on the floor trying to get a technician’s attention or walk through the salon using a code word. Meoww had no rules, no standards, and no idea WTF she was doing or how things should have been done, and she didn’t seem interested in learning.

The staff was inexperienced and incredibly slow, I have never had a model leave the same as she walked in. I was shocked at the poor quality of work and even more shocked that Meoww thought her technicians were “fine.” She hadn’t bothered to do any quality control or provide any education, direction, or guidance. I realized very quickly that the staff needed serious education, and I asked Joey to come back and do an intensive day of training. The technicians really pushed themselves and wanted to do better; they asked questions worked hard and took the critiques from me and Joey very seriously, and at the end of the day it showed because there was improvement in their work.
I was skeptical about Meoww. She was so resistant even during the renovation she resisted by having a melt down because I removed the U bar! I saw a difference in Meoww on reopening day and I certainly saw a difference with the staff. I just hoped that they were all able to follow through and keep it up.

Sooo… When I went back for my check up, I can’t even tell you how surprised I was to walk up to the salon and see a new sign, name, and owner. I understood why the staff felt betrayed by Meoww, I felt the same way!