Throwing Out the Hygiene with the Bathwater

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor counts down the top three "Really?!" moments.

Hello, Tabatha lovers! There's no better way to start the New Year than with a little Takeover action. If only Tabatha could take over my life for a month and makes sure I stick to my resolutions... But I digress. 

Each week I'll be breaking down Tabatha's top "Really?!" moments. For those of you not in the know, that is Tabatha's signature response to anything that is utterly ridiculous. And there are plenty of those to choose from on this show. 

Really?! Moment No. 3 - Salon/Apartment?

Everyone knows workaholics who practically live at the office. Key word being practically. Jungle Red owner Suzanne takes that to the next level by actually living in her salon. Now I've seen Tabatha shocked before, but she was pretty much speechless when she stumbled upon all of Suzanne's clothing, including a giant see-through bin full of bras. Needless to say this was one of the biggest issues Tabatha has ever faced.

Really?! Moment No. 2 - Throwing Out the Hygiene with the Bathwater

I still get chills thinking of that foot bath situation. First off there was that strange, rustic-looking tub they used, which didn't exactly scream "come rest your feet in here". Then when the stylist went to empty it in the hair-washing sink, I almost lost it. You could see her heading over there, and it was like a slow motion moment. You knew what she was going to do, but you didn't want it to be true. You didn't want to watch, but you couldn't look away. 

Really?! Moment No. 1 - Shot Down

When that stylist ate it after doing shots in the back with the rest of the employees, you knew things were bad. Really, really bad. Do you want this woman coming at you with scissors? The rampant drunkeness was basically a recipe for a lawsuit. I was rooting for her a la the drunk woman in 9 to 5 in the hopes that she'd turn her life around, but alas that didn't quite happen. But hey, at least the salon as a whole flourished in the end!


A Serious Lack of "Synergy"

Tabatha couldn't believe how clueless the owner of House of Synergy was about his business.

Synergy is about multiple things working together to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual efforts. Well news flash of the day: this was not happening at the salon. But the amazing thing was Reg the owner was totally clueless as to why.

I have never seen a salon that offered “teeth whitening” in the middle of the salon floor. It was absolutely disgusting, and I haven’t even gotten started on the vagazzling or the terrible behavior and unprofessionalism of the staff.  House of Synergy was a mess.

I found Reg incredibly frustrating; he truly had no idea what was going on in his business. He knew nothing about the industry, let his staff walk all over him, had no standards, wasn’t practicing or trying to build his clientele, and his management style was to whine. That wasn’t helping his business or his staff, and it drove me crazy.
The salon is a booth rental salon, which means each stylist rents their space and is responsible for it. The issue is that most clients don’t know the difference between a commission and a rental salon, and frankly, they don’t care. All the stylists in this salon had the mentality that they didn’t need to help out or do anything to improve their business. But what they didn’t realize was it was their business, so acting unprofessionally by not cleaning or taking responsibility didn’t just affect Reg, it affected them all.

I was glad to see them all communicating and discussing the issues of the salon, and I was glad to see Reg finally stand up and take charge. I was also pleased to see the stylists taking responsibility for themselves and the salon by committing to work together as a team to improve the business.