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No More Naps at Salon Mogulz

Tabatha explains how she got Tanzy's salon back on track.

First let me say I am happy to be back for Season 5!

Where do I start with Salon Mogulz? How about the obvious: What characters!

Tanzy and her staff faced an interesting business dilemma, a neighborhood that was changing and growing very quickly around them, which required them to change and keep up with the area in order to grow and service a more diverse clientele, keep up, and stay viable.

Well the first problem was the lack of professionalism and customer service! Tanzy wanted a high end salon, but she was just as guilty of bad behavior as her staff, and this lack of focus and leadership affected her staff so they thought it was OK to act in this manner. Using dirty towels, yelling across the salon, eating on the salon floor, ignoring clients, having a filthy environment, and allowing stylists to leave for naps is far from high end.Tanzy also had an issue with shopping that not only was affecting her business financially, but was making her staff think she cared more about herself than the business. Tanzy and her staff were totally oblivious to the bad behavior and thought that doing “good hair” would be enough, but let me tell you, it isn’t. This complacency had filtered into every aspect of the business, and it needed to change in order for the business to grow and save it from closing.

Most of the staff was open to growing and diversifying their business to keep up with the area… except for Stacy! I wanted to challenge them all and see if they really had what it takes to service a more diverse client base and also to tap into the celebrity of Nashville’s country music scene, so the models sent in were not only Caucasian they were all connected to county music. The stylists had what it takes, and they did a great job; they just needed to be more confident and open.
Since they had all become so stuck, the marketing event was a great place to take them to get them out, network, and have them showcase the work they do. They were also able to meet other members of the community, which allowed them to build relationships for the business.

I was very proud of Tanzy and her team -- they embraced the changes, took the critiques, and really came together as a team. I am happy to say that they are all doing very well. Tanzy is a proud mamma, not just of her new son, but of her new found passion for her business.

And Stacy is still dreaming about my jacket.