Tabatha Coffey

What made Tabatha Coffey want to toss her cookies?

on Oct 9, 2008

There is a statement I've always hated: "I'm a beautician, not a magician." But this week, that statement actually made sense! I knew taking over Candolyn Salon wasn't going to be easy when Janice, the receptionist, hung up on me. When I called back, I could see Candolyn sitting around doing nothing, and I was told she was busy until I persisted! Really. The salon was a mess on so many levels - half the salon was a so-called retail area filled with crap. It looked like a swap meet and there was a sign that said braclets $ 1. They were in fact BRACELETS. How classy!

The hair side of the salon was tiny and even though there was so much unprofessional behavior going on, Candolyn didn't see any of it. AMAZING.

Never in my life have I seen anything as filthy as Candolyn Salon. I couldn't work out why there were fruit flies everywhere, until I found a bag of rotten cherries. I seriously thought I was going to throw up. Cleaning is easy, but the dysfunction going on in the salon was another thing altogether. It was all finger pointing and crazy stories - nobody wanted to take responsibility for anything and everyone negated each other. Even though the staff felt Candolyn had issues, it was clear that they all cared about her. Unfortunately, she had totally given up and lost her way. The staff saw that the owner wasn't trying and so they too stopped trying. The dysfunctional environment was doing my head in, so I decided to bring in Dr. Shirley to help get to the bottom of the issues.