Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha gives you the dirty details about one of the filthiest salons she's ever been to!

on Nov 3, 2009

The moment I met Eddie I could tell he was a proud man and it was hard for him to open up about the issues in his salon, and he knew there were many. I liked Eddie because I could see that he wanted a better salon but he was totally stuck. He had owned Orbit for a long time and the wear and tear showed on both the salon and the owner. My challenge was to find a way to shake Eddie out of his rut, to wake him up in order to save his business. And I needed to make sure the staff took some responsibility, as well. So I tried one of the most radical interventions I’ve ever done—I made Eddie and his staff pack up all his personal sh*t in the basement, load it on a truck, and take it to Eddie’s condo. He needed to really understand the mess he’d made of his business. He needed to live with it. And it worked. I really saw Eddie and his staff transform. They found their passion and they could finally find their products in a cleaner, more organized basement! Bobby and Andrea really transformed their attitudes and their work. Everyone pulled together and supported Eddie, everyone except Lindsay, that is. I could see that Lindsay’s inability to change really bothered Eddie; he broke down. Firing her was clearly a difficult decision for him but he did what he believed was best for his business. And I have high hopes for Eddie and for his whole team now that they have a fresh start.