Tabatha Coffey

"Drinking on the job, writing slut on client’s heads for all to see, sexual innuendos, and dildos in drawers does not and will not build a clientele."

on Nov 24, 2009

The thing I found out about Darren was that all his staff said the only time he acted serious and responsible was when he was with his children, and that’s where I got the idea to take him to his daughters school for career day. If I could get him to not act like an arse in front of the class and make him realize that his parenting skills could be implemented in his business I felt like I had a shot and it worked.

Marketing the salon allowed Darren to show his personality and get his staff together as a team. I didn’t want them to stop having fun but I wanted them to learn how to behave like professionals and not offend clients.

Opening day was a success the salon was busy. Darren focused and the entertainment was customer service and great hair. I was really happy that Leona didn’t enable Darren and focused on her clients and I was glad they all decided to given Darren a second chance. I hope he can live up to their expectations and take his business and MY industry seriously.