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Tabatha Coffey

I Can Transform Ya

This is my favorite episode because even after the six week check in, I often wonder how the salons I've tried to help are doing. I'm often hopeful about some of them, because I feel like they have changed, and some of them I am truly concerned...
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Reclaiming His Balls

Concerto was taken over before I even got there by Sabina, a stylist at the salon. Nik, the owner, had handed over the reins and responsibility and had lost total control of his salon and his staff. The staff all disliked Sabina, because she was...
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Tabatha and Kids Don't Mix

  Anyone that knows me knows that kids and I don't mix! But I truly wanted to take on the challenge as it is a specialized field and a big business. Children's salons can be extremely successful. When I met Joy, I was struck by several things...
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President Obama, Oprah, and Complete Chaos

I'm still gobsamacked!  A salon that has a mortgage broker, travel agency, legal services, hideous clothes, shoes, bags, and, oh yes, they do hair too. Just beware of flying shampoo bottles. I had two owners, one that had given up because...
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Getting Butterflies

Oh my god! Clients being chased through the parking lot, staff walking out, rules being broken by the owner and stylists alike, and coupons galore! This salon was a mess, and Debbie had truly given up. She was at the end of her rope and was truly...
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Helping Avanti Grow a Pair

  I was so thrilled to go to Boston and excited by the challenge of taking over a Newbury Street salon. Newbury Street is eight blocks of high fashion boutiques and restaurants and has over 100 salons on it, so competition is fierce. Avanti...
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Speak Softly and Carry a Big Shtick

  I was excited and nervous about going to P-Town. Excited because I had never been there and always wanted to visit and also about the new business issue I was faced with -- a salon that had a small window of time to make the bulk of their...
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