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Lab Experiment Gone Wrong

Tabatha Coffey points out what went wrong at Hair Lab.

Hair Lab was like an experiment gone wrong to me - the partnership between Tim and Kathy was totally unfair and Tim didn't get it. No owner should only take, take, take from their business - they need to put into it. All the staff viewed Kathy as the boss and Tim as one of their fellow workers. Yet the fact that Tim took everything he made from the salon and Kathy was barely able to pay her rent was unfathomable. The entire staff felt that Kathy worked too hard and had too much on her plate. They all noted that they very rarely saw Tim because he was stuck in his corner and he never gave them feedback on their performance or work.

The staff was okay, but the lack of leadership, education or rules had allowed them to become complacent. Julie Anne had a problem with communication - she was scattered and nervous and didn't make clients feel at ease. I also felt that her prices were way out of line, especially in comparison to the other stylists in the salon (many of whom had been there much longer and had a larger clientele.) Julie Anne hadn't been at Hair Lab for that long, and it was bad business for her to charge so much when she lacked communication skills and a substantial client base. Mazi had been at the salon a long time and has a good client base, but she lacked discipline and felt she didn't need to change.

Her problem was that she only wanted to do what she wanted, and took an attitude with anyone that had a different opinion to her. Clients are not friends and there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. Mazi jumped over that line daily, without repercussions. Hair Lab is located in an area where they could really market themselves to local celebrities. My friend Eliane Henri helped get the ball rolling by introducing the owners to the American Gladiators. She also agreed to give Tim and Kathy further advice and PR strategies.

By the end of my week at Hair Lab, Tim stared to take charge and get involved with his salon. I could tell that Kathy was relieved to have a lawyer help her set up a business agreement and payment plan. I was really surprised to find out when I returned to Hair Lab that Kathy is leaving. I'm happy that they have worked out their financial situation and Tim is ready to pay Kathy back and takeover the business.