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Exit Strategy

"Robert was barking orders but not helping solve problems and Margie couldn't manage her way out of a paper bag."

When I watched Tantrum salon it was clear that Jody felt disconnected from her team and her business -- Robert was barking orders but not helping solve problems and Margie couldn't manage her way out of a paper bag. The communication between Robert and Jody had totally broken down and it was one of the main problems in their business. Robert was feeling abandoned and was running around like a chicken with his head cut off and Jody felt trapped and the whole staff suffered because of the disconnect in leadership.

I found out that the staff really supported the owners and were good stylists but they didn't know who to turn to for leadership, and most of the staff felt that Margie was only in the salon because she was Roberts sister not because she did a good job in her position, and that Jody had lost her passion for the salon and I needed to get to the bottom of it. When I spoke to the owners, Robert blamed Jody for the salon's problems as he felt he was doing it all alone. Jody felt torn between her family and her business. I was proud of Jody when she made the decision to step down as owner. It was a very hard but I believe the right decision for her and I could see the weight that was lifted off her shoulders when she acknowledged the fact that she didn't want that pressure anymore and wanted to devote time to her Kids.

Covina is a family area and I wanted the salon to generate more business within the community and what better place than where there were mums and kids? The event was great and brought a lot of new clients for reopening day. I was happy the stylists did so well and that Margie really stepped up as desk manager and realized being Robert's sister wasn't enough she needed to be professional, work hard and earn the title. I knew that Robert made the right decision making Jerry manager of the salon and I was so happy to see Jody relaxed part of the team and was passionate about doing hair again. Robert and Jody finally talked and made a plan for her exit strategy from their partnership and I wish them all the best. I know they will all do well.