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On the Right Path

"I was disappointed in Nicole not wanting or trying to change for the salon or for Janeen."

Janeen is a really good colorist with a solid clientele and a nice salon, she opened the salon with her sister as a business partner and she abandoned Janeen and the salon. This caused Janeen to lose control of her stylists as cutting wasn't her expertise and she felt frustrated and let down.

The salon needed a manager and Janeen hired Nicole to help her with the day-to-day running of the salon. The problem was the staff didn't respect Nicole and Nicole was a lousy manager, and in my opinion the biggest problem in the salon.

With some encouragement Janeen realized that she needed to let go of her anger and resentment toward her sister to help move herself and her business forward and I was very proud of her. The staff really responded to the changes in Janeen and did a great job at the reopening, except for Katie who clearly needed more guidance with her work and her confidence. I was disappointed in Nicole not wanting or trying to change for the salon or for Janeen. I was thrilled when Janeen called me with the news of letting Nicole go, it really showed me the commitment she had to her business and that she was on the right path.