Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha dishes about Debbie's bad attitude and why she didn't just walk out. 

on Jan 24, 2011

Oh my god! Clients being chased through the parking lot, staff walking out, rules being broken by the owner and stylists alike, and coupons galore! This salon was a mess, and Debbie had truly given up. She was at the end of her rope and was truly desperate.

The staff felt undervalued and cheapened by all the coupons and discounting that was going on, and by the fact that Debbie treated them like children. They also believed that the salon could be a success and wanted to help make it better. But Debbie had lost all trust and faith in her staff because of a previous staff walk out. However it was the staff that stayed who were truly being punished. There was no respect, no education, no follow through, no leadership, and no communication.

The staff were truly afraid of Debbie, and Debbie was so passive aggressive with her staff it was amazing. A leader leads by example and Debbie had forgotten that, although I understood how hard it must have been to deal with a massive walkout. I wanted her to realize that the staff she had were loyal dedicated and wanted to help her. She needed to respect them and empower them.