Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha dishes about Debbie's bad attitude and why she didn't just walk out. 

on Jan 24, 2011

I spent a lot of time with Debbie talking to her about different ways of marketing the salon, empowering and educating her staff, and about the reputation of the salon. All the discounting and coupons coupled with Debbie's behavior had taken a toll on the business, and that is why I took her to the country club to talk about the possibilities of marketing well. The last time she was there it wasn't done well, and Brenda the special events manager truly wasn't sure if she wanted Debbie back. I also decided an intervention of sorts with the staff might help get through to Debbie. I was having such a hard time, I wanted to leave. But the staff were really amazing and wanted to learn and grow and support Debbie and the salon, so for them I stayed. It is always hard for me when I see potential, but I can't get through to the owner. Debbie's defenses were way too high.

Reopening day went well. The staff were all excited with the changes and hoped Debbie would be the biggest change of all. But they weren't quite convinced that was the case, and frankly neither was I. It pissed me off when Debbie lost it on me while I was giving her my final recommendations, but it also gave me hope because I finally saw some passion.

I have to tell you, going back to that salon I had butterflies! I hoped to see change, but I wasn't sure there would be. After speaking with the staff and Debbie, it seemed like things had truly started to change. Debbie was doing what she needed to not only empower her staff but also to stop the coupons and change the reputation of the salon. I was pleased to see the changes, now I just hope that she can keep them up.