Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha talks about how she corralled all five of the salon's owners.

on Dec 20, 2010


I have never been to a salon with five owners. The truly amazing thing was that although there were five owners, nothing got done!

As soon as I tried to call Salon Vendome to take over, I knew I was in for a long week because the number on the window wasn't the salon number. When I finally got the right number, nobody picked up and the message directed you to all the stylists in the salon, not a direct message. It was crazy and time consuming.

After watching the surveillance and sitting with the owners, it was so clear nobody was taking responsibility for anything in the salon. Amazingly some of them wouldn't even admit to being an owner. Listening to the owners and hearing them point fingers at each other, hearing how Angel and Susan wouldn't pay rent as a "protest" to what was going on in the salon, and generally just listening to the craziness of the situation, Jack seemed like the only one that was trying to keep the salon on track. The others were letting him take all the responsibility.

Inspecting the salon and seeing not only the mismatched furniture and decor but the ripped reception furniture and run down appearance, it was FAR from acceptable for the high end area of Houston the salon is in. It also showed a total lack of care, thought, and teamwork. The salon was a direct reflection of the owners and their inability to communicate or come together.