Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha talks about how she corralled all five of the salon's owners.

on Dec 20, 2010

Salon Vendome is a booth rental salon, which means that each stylist in the salon pays a weekly rental to the owners. The problem was not all of the stylists were paying their rent on time. Janiece was six months behind and two of the owners were also not paying rent, because they wanted things to change. This was not only causing financial problems in the salon and holding them back from making the changes they needed, but it was also creating discord amongst everyone, owners and stylists alike. Clients don't know or care if it's a booth rental salon, they want professionalism, great work, and to be taken care of.

Talking to the staff showed me that the owners weren't taking care of business or the salon. When Tony told me he had worked there for months before realizing there were multiple owners besides Jack, I was gobsmacked. And all the stylists agreed nothing in the salon ever got done.

The Rose is an amazing organization in Houston and I wanted these owners to stop thinking about themselves, and what better way to do that than have Cancer Survivors as clients. The stylists and owners did a great job thankfully. The work wasn't the issue, although I did have an issue with Janiece and her unprofessional conversations. I needed these owners to understand that the lack of customer service and leadership was affecting their business. I sent in a group of women on my surveillance day and having them come back and share the experience. I hoped it would start to get the owners realizing the issues in the salon. It was emotional for them to hear the feedback the clients offered, since all of it was constructive and true, Bottom line, they all liked their hair, but they all disliked the customer service or lack thereof and the surroundings. None of them would return or recommend the salon.