Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha talks about how she corralled all five of the salon's owners.

on Dec 20, 2010

I needed to get these owners on the same page and working together, so I figured giving them money and telling them they were in charge of their own renovation would help. And in the beginning it did! They started to communicate and agree on things until we got to the store and it started to go to downhill. I was amazed at how little they spent when so many things needed to be fixed. And again it came down to not working together. Any time there are multiple owners there are strengths and weaknesses, and I decided that putting the owners in charge of the things they had a passion and strength for would divide the jobs evenly and get them working together. It seemed to really help on reopening day.

All the owners really stepped up and for once and showed pride in the salon. Bringing in Meghan as a receptionist was my way of showing them the difference it would make to their business and what good customer service was about, and clients were thrilled with the changes. I was pleased Susan and Angel paid their back rent and disappointed that Janiece didn't.

Talking to the owners about the day showed me they were committed to making the changes they needed, that's why they decided Janiece needed to go. They had given her multiple chances to catch up on her rent and had talked to her about her behavior, but nothing had ever changed. It wasn't about being perfect, it was about Janiece being responsible for herself and her business. She wasn't showing the owners that she was serious about changing, and it was affecting their bottom line. It is always a hard decision to let someone go, but being $6,000 behind in rent is unacceptable, and the owners decided it was time to make room for someone that would pay on time. I fully supported their decision.

Going back to salon Vendome six weeks later was like walking into another salon. Not only were the owners communicating and having weekly meetings, but they were offering education, had kept the receptionist, and were all proud and motivated and paying their rent! The salon was doing well, the stylists were all really happy, and I was really glad to hear from Jack that Janiece was doing well and working in a commission salon, which was helping her to stay responsible.