10 Times Andy Was Reunion Cohen-Lateral Damage

No good deed goes unpunished -- even reunion hosting. Count down the moments where Andy Cohen got caught in reunion crossfire.

1.  Brandi Glanville sends Andy to the dog house.

While Andy meant to defend #RHOBH's Brandi, this 'Wife bit back. 

2.  Ramona Singer shuts Andy down.

#RHONY Season 6, Andy took a ride on the Ramona-coaster -- and it sure was a bumpy one. Awkward sex questions included. 

3.  Teresa Giudice goes Jersey on Andy.

Note to self: don't talk about Teresa's family. 

4.  NeNe Leakes gives Andy a reunion read.

Were NeNe's comments to Andy so nasty and so rude? You be the judge. 

5.  The infamous #RHOC bird attack.

It's not always Housewives giving Andy trouble. 

6.  #RHONY needs to 'Shut up!'

The unforgettable moment where our New York Housewives broke Andy. 

7.  Andy gets in the middle of the great #RHOM limp penis debate.

When you're a Housewife on the defense, sometimes you gotta pull Andy on your side. 

8.  Teresa goes Jersey on Andy. . .again.

Maybe don't mention strippers either. . .

9.  'Don't pick on me, Andy!'

When Andy brings up Ramona's alleged drinking problem, she is not having it, okay? 

10.  Andy takes offense.

Andy takes a stand in the first New Jersey reunion ever. 


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