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14 Reasons You Must See the 'Queer Eye' Reunion

Shocking revelations, tear-jerking moments: the Fab Five are back this Sunday.

When Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premiered in 2003, George W. Bush was president, 50 Cent's "In da Club" was every-where and Clay Aiken was a pin-up for teen girls across the country (whoa, have things changed!). Yet when five guys hit the Bravo airwaves on July 15th, who knew they would leave a bigger cultural mark than Dubya, Fiddy and an American Idol combined?

Over the course of five seasons, Queer Eye was a boundary-pushing, groundbreaking reality show where five gay guys overhauled one helpless straight man's life, offering tips on grooming, food, culture and more. But Carson Kressley, Thom Filicia, Jai Rodriguez, Ted Allen, and Kyan Douglas were more than just makeover mavens—they altered perceptions of what it's like to be gay in America. And for a generation of closeted teens, the Queer Eye guys, as Carson recalls, helped give them hope.

On Sunday, the Fab Five will reunite for a special sit-down with Andy Cohen. The gang will look back on everything from how the show changed their lives to their worst makeovers. There are also some shocking revelations: did you know two of the stars made out? Below, 14 reasons you can't miss the reunion of the year.

1. It's Their First Time Together in 7 Years
And what a blast it is to see the Fab Five swapping stories and sipping champagne after all this time—some things never change.

2. And They Still Look Great
After all this time, the guys look like they haven't aged a day.

3. Ten Years Later, The Straight Guys' Apartments Are Still Nasty...
Andy delivers an amazing montage of the straight mens' lairs—and they're just as grotie as you remember. Looking back, the guys award worst pad to Kevin from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, whose place was so gross they had to be evacuated. "We thought about just getting him a new apartment," says Jai.

4. ...and So Are Their Grooming Habits
Flavor savors, back hair, bad breath, "bacne," and unibrows--you may want to keep a vomit bag nearby.

5. The Fab Five Hated the Show's Title at First...
"At the time, the word queer had such heavy political connotation," says Ted Allen. "I will never forget the moment we went on the Today show and I watched Matt Lauer trying to wrap his mouth around the word was hard for people to say!"

6. ...but Eventually They Warmed Up to It
"Queer means different, unusual, a different perspective," says Carson.

7. The Show Helped One Star Come Out
Without spoiling the surprise, one of the Fab Five's family only found out their son was gay just before the show premiered.

8. Some Things Have Gone Out of Style
Just wait until you see some of Carson's out-of-control sartorial choices.

9. Carson Loves to Put a Bunch of Stuff in His Mouth
Lube, anal beads, and more: we forgot he had such an oral fixation!

10. One of the Fab Five Hooked Up with a Straight Guy...
It turns out he was "flexibile" when it came to his choice of sexual partners.

11. ...and Two Fab Fivers Also Hooked Up
We won't spoil it, but liquid courage helped make the magic happen.

12. They're Masters of Lingo
Sure it's been ten years, but you've gotta admit that Queer Eye-coined terms like "tshjuz," "Spray, Delay, Walk Away," "Diva Snaps" and others are weirdly kind of current today.

13. There's One More Amazing Reunion
Andy brings back one of the Straight Guys to open up about how their makeover has helped him ten years later. "He looks sexier," the Fab Five agree.

14. There Are Serious Tear-Jerker Moments
Bust out the tissues: the most heartwarming montage shows the straight guys opening up about how the Fab Five changed their lives. It's a touching moment—and it shows how Queer Eye helped break down prejudices against gays in America. As Ted remarks after two straight guys read them a poem of thanks, "Straight guys, writing that poem for five gay guys and reading it without embarassment, with total sincerity, that's amazing!"

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Ten Years Later airs Sunday at 9p ET/PT on Bravo.