Try Not to Squirm as You Watch These Exes Have the Most Cringeworthy Sex Talk Ever

There's no such thing as oversharing when you spend #ANightWithMyEx.

As if the thought of spending a night with your ex wasn't uncomfortable enough, the actual act of doing so is just downright awkward. The above sneak peek of the new series A Night with My Ex proves it. 

In the clip, one partner has some news for her ex: She never had an orgasm when they were together. But she has no hard feelings, so much so that she's prepared to show her former lover how she's resolved the problem... with sex toys. 

"I wasn't expecting for her to share that with me," her ex says with some nervous laughter. Yeah, neither were we.


Clearly, when two exes reunite to spend one last night together on A Night with My Ex, anything can happen. You'll have to see it to believe it when A Night with My Ex premieres on Tuesday, July 18 at 10/9c. 

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