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Adam Glick's Employment Fate on Below Deck Med Hangs in the Balance: 5 Clips You Need to See

See what's buzzing on #BelowDeckMed.

Adam Glick definitely experienced one very close call on Below Deck Mediterranean this week. The chef may want to march to the beat of his own drummer, but that kind of independent spirit doesn't always keep your employment afloat while on a charter. And he certainly learned that lesson... the hard way. We're breaking down some of the buzziest moments in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy Yawn just wants to know "why" Adam keeps doing his own thing when it comes to how he whips up his culinary delights -- despite the guests' very specific and different requests. But, lucky for him, instead of firing him, she keeps him. And for one really good reason: "I want to fire Adam, but I can't find a chef mid-season in Croatia."

2.  Can You Hear Them Now?

Below Deck Mediterranean
Adam Glick Ignores the Guests Requests...Again!
Oniongate continues on #BelowDeckMed.

BTW, this is the moment that inspired that near firing.

3.  Love Is In the Air...

Below Deck Mediterranean
Malia White and Adam Glick Share a Romantic Moment
An excursion to the waterfalls leads to another kiss.

...For Adam and Malia White. This pair went chasing waterfalls and ended up sharing a smooch during the fateful outing.

4.  Now We've Seen It All

Below Deck Mediterranean
A Charter Guest Falls Asleep…
On the toilet?!

Including that time a charter guest fell asleep on the toilet(!!).

5.  Feeling Fit and Fancy Free

Below Deck Mediterranean
Bobby Giancola Dishes on His Incredible Body Transformation
The Below Deck Med yachtie hasn't always been so ripped.

Bobby Giancola's body transformation is REALLY impressive. He has abs for days. And we have some really strong personal goals to thank for his fit physique. "Nothing inspired me, not a person or a thing, it was just myself. I just started noticing I'm tired all the time. I'm a fireman. I need to be strong. I want my partner to rely on me. If he's going down, he knows I can pull him out. And I just wasn't in the shape I needed to be in to be the best fireman that I could be," he told The Daily Dish. "So I was just like, OK, I'm done drinking. I stopped drinking for three or four months. I started doing a meal plan and working out every day. The result of that was what I posted on Instagram." 

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