Andy Cohen Freaks Out on Chris Brown

You do not snub Frank Ocean and get away with it.

Andy Cohen getting all angsty and essentially challenging Chris Brown to a throwdown on live television? Yep, that happened.

It was only minutes after Chris was pretty much the only person at the Grammy Awards to not give Frank Ocean a standing ovation thanks (likely) to their recent parking lot scuffle. The snub alone was enough to get Andy FIRED up in a way we've rarely seen. Chris was Andy's Jackhole of the Day on Watch What Happens Live "for being a sore loser for the millionth time," and then that's when things got fiesty.

Andy's metaphor for Chris staying seated during Frank's win went a little something like this: "The only reason I don't stand up when I'm supposed to is when I have a boner ... Suck it Chris Brown, come get me!" As Josh Groban astutely put it, perhaps it was the Old Fashioned talking.

Call us crazy, but it seems like Chris won't be heading into the Clubhouse any time soon. Are you Team Andy or Team Chris? Comment it up, people!
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