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Andy Cohen and Jennifer Lawrence Face Off in a Battle of Human Pyramids

The #WWHL host and #PumpRules superfan are both showing off their skills, but only one can be the champ.

It looks like there could be a real beef cooking on the human pyramid front. And this timd around, the players are none other than Andy Cohen and Bravo superfan Jennifer Lawrence. Just days after Andy posted a selfie of himself atop a human pyramid in the Hamptons, Trainwreck star Amy Schumer posted a photo of J.Law and herself (along with seven sturdy friends) also partaking in some similar-looking fun. Both were worthy efforts, but there's only one pyramid that can come out on top.

If we're going to compare the pyramids numbers-wise, Andy's wins. His pyramid consisted of 10 squad members, compared to J.Law and Amy's nine. (Sure, there's a tenth person in the shot, but she's laying out in FRONT of it so we're not counting her.) Also, the Watch What Happens Live host's pyramid is actually pointy, while Jennifer and Amy's is more flat at the top. Just saying! In the world of human pyramids, these things matter.

It looks like Andy wins this round, but if Jennifer and Amy study up on his photo a bit more, they'll definitely knock it out of the park next time.

Human pyramid

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