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Is Michael B. Jordan or Chadwick Boseman the Bigger "Sex Kitten?"

Black Panther's Angela Bassett reveals her pick on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

When Angela Bassett stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on March 15, she was on board to answer questions about her latest hit movie — even if the queries were slightly shady. Bassett was asked to answer three questions about Black Panther by "Shady Black Panther" himself, who announced, "My claws are out, bitches!" The feisty cartoon then went on to ask everything you've ever wanted to know about the Marvel flick, but were too afraid to ask. 

First up, the panther wanted to know what Bassett imagined of her co-star's bedroom antics. "Who do you think is more of a sex kitten in the bedroom: Michael B. Jordan or Chadwick Boseman?" the panther asked. Watch the clip above to hear Bassett's answer on that pressing question — and hear her spill about which of these famous co-stars she'd shag, marry, and kill: Forest Whitaker, Daniel Kaluuya, or Sterling K. Brown. 

The panther also asked the actress to weigh in about which Black Panther scene she'd choose to take a restroom break, since the flick is longer than two hours. The answer? Just hold it in, folks! "Sit on it," Bassett advised. 

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