Which Housewife Does Angela Kinsey Think Would Win the Drunken Tantrum Award?

Hint: she doesn't stir the pot, she stirs the drink.

Hotwives of Las Veags star Angela Kinsey is pretty excited about the Real Housewives Award. So much so, she’s decided to create her own category — and it’s a good one. “I would make an award called Best Drunken Tantrum,” she told The Daily Dish. And who would be the lucky recipient? The award goes to…

”I would give it to [the Real Housewives of New York’s] Sonja Morgan," Angela said. "It would be like a glass that’s broken with the booze on the floor.” Sounds fitting!

Interestingly enough, in Angela's eyes, another Housewives city takes the cake for, uh, the ladies being works in progress. “My favorite Housewives city would have to be Beverly Hills, because that’s where all the trainwrecks live!”

As for her favorite Housewife? “My favorite Housewife would be Kim Zolciak, because I just met her and we talked about hair and that was fascinating,” she said. 

See pics of Angela and Kim's recent appearance together on Watch What Happens Live in the gallery below.

Sadly, Angela's category doesn't exist for Sonja to be nominated this year. But she is up for Most LOL-Worthy Moment. Vote here!

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