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What's Really Happening with Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements? 5 Shocking Moments You Need to See

See what's buzzing on #SouthernCharm, #PumpRules, and #SweetHomeOklahoma.

A single rose might be the way to win some women's hearts, but if Thomas Ravenel really wants a chance to score a date with Landon Clements, we think he'll have to start investing in another kind of flower. "For the future, orchids are my favorite," she told her pal during Monday's Southern Charm Season 4 premiere, before Thomas confessed he's looking for a partner. She might be the one, if she's willing to take a chance. "Let's give it a shot," he told her. We're breaking down some of the buzziest upcoming moments in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Southern Charm

Is a romance going to bloom between Landon and Thomas later this season on Southern Charm? Well... this moment makes us think anything is possible.

2.  Patricia's Current Thoughts on Kathryn

Southern Charm
Patricia Does Not Approve of Whitney Smoking Weed
Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mom discuss Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and his recent vacation.

With Kathryn Dennis back from rehab, Patricia Altschul hopes this means that she can change for the better. "Clearly it was needed, and I hope that she turned her life around," the Charleston matriarch shared. "They say leopards don't change their spots, but I hope that that's not correct, because her children need her and they need her sober."

3.  Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules
A Very Unexpected Apology
Katie Maloney-Schwartz apologizes to Lala Kent at the reunion.

Could it be that fences are officially mended between Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Lala Kent following their beef? Katie extended an olive branch and apologized to Lala during Part 1 of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion. "I cannot justify the things I said, but I do apologize for them," The SURver told the former hostess. Lala's reaction? Tears.

4.  Spilling the Pumptini

Vanderpump Rules
SUR's Chefs Weigh in on the SUR Staff
Find out if they think Brittany and Kristen hooked up...

You know who knows the SUR crew better than the crew? Well the guys who work in the kitchen, naturally. So, Andy Cohen headed behind-the-scenes to chat with Lisa Vanderpump's staff to get some of the scoop. And those guys know how to keep it real.

5.  Sweet Home Oklahoma

Sweet Home
Pumps' Kids Still Use Sippy Cups?!
It's true.

The more we learn about Angie "Pumps" Sullivan, the more we're intrigued by her. Like for instance, her kids still use sippy cups. And the ladies are baffled by this decision. Really baffled.

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