Throwback Thursday

Ariana Madix's Video Vixen Past Revealed

...Just kidding! But check out these hilarious spoofs from back in the day.

Every Thursday, celebrate #TBT with us as we open the vault to share photos and videos of Bravolebrities before they were famous--or revisit memorable moments from our shows. This week, we’re throwing it back to some of Ariana Madix’s eyebrow-raising College Humor sketches.

Though Ariana may not always find the humor in the salacious rumors swirling around SUR, it’s great to know that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

This was Ariana’s gracious response on Twitter when she was recently complimented about her College Humor work. So that got us wondering, what College Humor videos has the sexy SUR server been in? 

For starters, here’s a faux trailer for a parody of The Notebook titled, Nicholas Sparks’ The Handjob

And how about, Guys With Crappy Cars Must Have Huge Dongs:

Or that time when a guy asked her to buy condoms:

While it’s not a stretch that one of SUR’s servers actually boasts comedic acting chops, what may surprise you is that Ariana was actually on long before ever acting in any of their videos. On October 25, 2006, Ariana was named “Cute College Girl of the Week” by the College Humor staff. 

When asked if size matters, the then college senior responded, “Not if you know how to use it!” So, while gossip may have circulated on Vanderpump Rules regarding her boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s endowment, it’s now probably safe to say that regardless of size, he certainly knows how to use it.

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